Who we are

Mission Statement: The Guatemala Project is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Iowa, USA. Dedicated to bettering the lives of Guatemalan citizens of limited means, The Guatemala Project works exclusively with the Guatemalan organization, ImagininGUATEmala, primarily in the areas of shelter, food security, health services, and educational support.

Board of Directors

Kathy McCue, PresidentKathy is the President of The Guatemala Project. Kathy followed Lisa’s guide and took her first high school Service Team to Guatemala in 2006. She fell in love with the incredible countryside and the beautiful people and never looked back. Kathy is a retired teacher from Regina High School in Iowa City and a mother of four adult children.  She continues to work 'poco en poco' on learning Spanish!


Lisa Hebl, Treasurer: Lisa has been doing Service Work in Guatemala for over a decade. A professor of Dental Hygiene, Lisa continues to lead the Study Abroad Service Team from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and her knowledge of Central America and her passion exude as you see her work with the teams and the people.


Cathy Fuller, Secretary: Cathy first began her work when joining a Service Team from Kirkwood Community College in 2012, and this is where her love for the people and the beauty of Guatemala began. She retired from Kirkwood where she was a Department Coordinator, and now follows her passion for volunteering, and enjoying her family's activities. She will return to Guatemala in 2020 with her seventh Service Team.


James Burke, Service Teams: James is a Spanish Teacher at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, IA. He first became interested in Spanish and accompanying Social Justice Issues at St. John's University (MN) and while working with the United Farm Workers Movement in California. James is excited to partner with the Guatemala Project to expose people of all ages to the hardship and beauty of Guatemala.

Jamarco Clark, Service Teams: Jamarco has spent his life in service, whether it be in his role in higher education, or as the founder of his own organization, "One Less Obstacle". Jamarco has led numerous Service Teams during his time at various institutions including leading Service Teams to Guatemala while at Mount Mercy University. He is currently the Director of Leadership & Engagement at the University of Iowa.


Mark Fuller, Publicity/Technology: Having a long history of service to others, Mark's interest in Guatemala began when he saw the passion from his mother, Cathy. He has visited Guatemala four times as a member of Service Teams, most recently in 2021. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, Mark currently works in education and is formerly a co-owner of a production and entertainment company.


ImagininGuatemala is the sister organization of The Guatemala Project. Working exclusively with ImagininGuatemala allows for the building of close relationships among the organizational members in the United States with the staff in Guatemala, and ultimately with the children and families in need. They can be found at www.ImagininGuatemala.org.

The Guatemala Project is governed by a 100% Volunteer Board of Directors. These directors meet regularly to make decisions and conduct the business of the organization. The specialization within the organization allows the volunteer to focus on individual efforts as well as collaborate together.

ImagininGuatemala Purpose Statement:

ImagininGuatemala is a project originating from the common interest of a small group of Guatemalans who are passionate about supporting the well-being and development of fellow Guatemalans. ImagininGuatemala relies upon local and international friends, volunteers, and benefactors who recognize an obligation to help those less fortunate than themselves.

This group is committed to uniting volunteers to assist with the physical, spiritual, emotional and educational development of marginalized people in Guatemala. Our primary role is leading Service Teams in a mission to serve the poor.


ImagininGuatemala Mission Statement:

To improve the physical living conditions and social well-being of families living in villages near Antigua, Guatemala. We do this by providing the necessities of life including food, shelter and clothing as well as connecting those families with a larger caring community.


ImagininGuatemala Faith Statement:

ImagininGuatemala is a non-profit organization committed to serving people in need in Guatemala. Our Service Teams come from a wide variety of faith traditions as well as secular backgrounds. We welcome all groups willing to engage in selfless work to better the lives of the poor.


The Staff of ImagininGuatemala:

Edy, Alexis, and Luis