What We Do


The Guatemala Project is dedicated to bettering the lives of Guatemalan citizens of limited means,

primarily in the areas of shelter, food security, health services, and educational support.

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Food Security:

Health Services:

Educational Support:

Bringing much-needed nutritious food to neighborhoods and communities where hunger is a major issue.

Aiding in providing resources necessary for school attendance including books, uniforms, materials, and other supplies.

Providing medical, dental, and other services to the people, primarily children, that are most in need.

To accomplish these tasks, the Guatemala Project focuses their efforts on three areas:

1) Recruiting service-based teams of people from the USA and other countries to travel to Guatemala to provide hands-on improvement for the people of Guatemala.

2) Providing opportunities to financially support families through sponsorship. The resources provided goes to providing what is needed for a particular family of limited means.

3) Matching donors and causes to fill in the gaps where other financial means may lack.

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Working to provide housing that is safe, weather resistant, and sustainable; for those who do not have the means.